The Man Cave Leadership Conference features some of the most respected men in their field as speakers. They are professionals tasked with equipping the men in attendance to lead in everyday life. This years line-up is unique, diverse, and highly influential.

 Cornelius Lindsey, Founder  Main Speaker | Saturday Night

Cornelius Lindsey, Founder

Main Speaker | Saturday Night

Cornelius Lindsey - founder of the man cave society

Cornelius Lindsey (born August 16, 1986) is an American trailblazer, leader, international teacher, pastor, and author. He is the Founder and Senior Pastor of The Gathering Oasis Church, a non-denominational church that is located in the Greater Atlanta area. He is the author of eleven books, most notably So You Want to Be a Man?, I’m Married. Now, What?, and The Imperfect Family Man. Other aspects of Lindsey’s ministry include his annual men’s conference, his non-profit organization, “The Man Cave Society”, and his YouTube channel that airs monthly bible studies on Christian manhood, fatherhood, and leadership. His YouTube channel has drawn nearly 300,000 views and his conferences bring together men from countries across the world.

In October 2009, after a stint in politics, Lindsey accepted his God-given call to pastor. After three years of diligent prayer, Lindsey and his wife Heather founded The Gathering Oasis Church. The church's first service was held on January 28, 2013. In addition to his local ministry, Cornelius Lindsey has become a prominent guest speaker in the United States and internationally. His speaking engagements have spanned across the globe to Jamaica, the Bahamas, London, Asia and Africa. As a preacher, Cornelius’ passionate, high-impact, and straightforward approach is exactly what is needed to propel men to advance the Gospel.

Cornelius and Heather are the proud parents of two children, Logan and Taylor. They currently reside in the quiet suburbs of Atlanta, GA. In his spare time, Cornelius enjoys keeping tabs in politics and sweating in the gym.

 Earl McClellan, Pastor  Main Speaker | Friday Night

Earl McClellan, Pastor

Main Speaker | Friday Night

Earl Mcclellan

Earl McClellan is dynamic communicator who will leave you inspired. He is passionate about the local and global Church, and loves to empower people to influence the world around them. Earl is the lead pastor of Shoreline City Church, with campuses in both Dallas and Guatemala. Recently he served as an executive pastor at Shoreline Church in Austin, Texas, for a tenure of eleven years. Earl and his wife, Oneka, have three children, Parker, Grayson and Elle.


 Preston Perry  General Speaker | Saturday Morning

Preston Perry

General Speaker | Saturday Morning

Preston Perry

Preston Perry is a spoken word poet, performing artist, and teacher from the Southside of Chicago. Preston heard the gospel for the first time in a church in Decatur, Georgia at the age of sixteen, and understood why people needed to be saved. That truth was the first constant for the young man who spent his upbringing moving from state-to-state in a single-parent household. He lived in public housing, nice neighborhoods with family and friends gaining a plethora of experiences. Survival and adaptation were a central part of Preston’s reality. Anger was another. His uncle’s murder and a harsh childhood left Preston with a heart full of hatred. When he grew older, he lived as he wanted: running the streets, getting money, and doing whatever he found pleasing.

God in his mercy moved Preston away from that life after he watched one of his closest friends die. Man’s depravity was evident again in the lifestyle he witnessed and lived. He moved back home to Chicago and God pursued him. A young believer named Gary Brown took Preston under his wing and discipled him. Through Gary’s life Preston saw the weight of his sin. Preston sought help from the scriptures because He wanted to change, but doubted that he could. But God showed him, and a new-found zeal for truth replaced anger and became central. That truth, found only in the gospel of Jesus Christ, has become the foundation of Preston’s life. Preston uses his gifts to spread the good news and witness more radical change through God’s redeeming grace. He is known for his previous work with P4CM,  and his vlogs on YouTube. He hopes to live a life worthy of the gospel and is passionate about spoken word poetry, discipleship, urban ministry, and teaching. Preston currently serves with Legacy Fellowship and lives in Chicago with his beautiful wife Jackie and their daughter Eden.



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